We had wanted to retire early for some time from our full-time jobs, to reduce the stress in our lives and pursue our passion for writing. At first we thought we had our early retirement financed by the small nest egg we'd managed to save, and Social Security and pensions once we would reach normal retirement age. But we didn't expect the 17.5 percent increase in our health insurance three years in a row, among other things. It was an unsustainable path that jeopardized the retirement that we'd envisioned. So we did research on how to fix our retirement and made a plan.  We are happy to share the results with our readers. We are now back on a sustainable path, enjoying our retirement without any financial stress by following many of the ideas in the book, Retired Broke - How to Fix Your Retirement

We would love to hear how you fixed your underfunded retirement, and any comments, or questions you might have.  Please e-mail us (see form below) and tell us about your experiences and we may include them in an updated version of this book in the future.


The Authors: 

Randy Kirk and Jane Kirk, HIA, ALHC, are a husband and wife writing team who have found a way to cope with their underfunded retirement and are now sharing solutions with their readers. 

Randy and Jane Kirk Authors of Retired Broke

They both retired early, about six years ago, in their 50s. Was it a mistake? Unexpected expenses and inflation experienced during their short retirement made a big dent in their nest egg, and they worried that they might run out of money before their time is up. This book contains steps they have researched, many of which they have taken themselves, that are making a difference in their retirement.

Randy had a 25 year career with the IRS and Jane spent 22 years with a large national insurance company. They have successfully used many of the ideas in the book Retired Broke to secure their early retirement.


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