The book everyone is reading to save their retirement!

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“The money’s no better in retirement, but the hours are." ~Anonymous                                                     

“Retired Broke-How to Fix Your Retirement” will reassure you that you can live your life without a million dollar nest egg or any nest egg for that matter.

“Retired Broke-How to Fix Your Retirement” will help you find ways to pay for your retirement when you have little or no money saved. Do you wish to know the secrets to experiencing a happy carefree retirement? Creative solutions help you overcome any obstacles on your path to a lively retirement.

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams”                                   ~John Barrymore


This book will show you:

  • How to use assets you may already have to generate much needed retirement income.
  • Ways to take control of your healthcare costs being your own advocate using easy to follow tips.
  • Several out-of-the-box ideas are offered to accomplish the travel you desire.
  • How to set goals for your retirement and make a plan to achieve them easily.
  • Tips to save money on Insurance, entertainment, transportation, food, and much more

Easy to read; jammed packed with frugal ideas to solve your underfunded retirement.

A few of many things covered in the book...

  • Cut your budget by a third and still be comfortable.
  • Is downsizing to a smaller house the best option? Not always.
  • You can save hundreds of dollars on healthcare costs.
  • Thinking about starting a part-time business in retirement? Start it for less than $500.
  • We show you how to avoid the ten percent penalty on an early IRA distribution.
  • Cut your housing costs in half.
  • Over 50 links to information and resources to help with your retirement
  • Are you making the most out of your retirement investments? Easy to follow steps  show you how.


“A husband and wife offer their easy-to-read collection of practical suggestions for an affordable retirement…the frugal twosome found ways to manage their underfunded retirement. Their smorgasbord of quick, friendly advice…
emphasize ways to reduce expenses…for readers who are beginning to panic about their retirement years, the Kirks’ warm advice is comforting and practical. Brief, common-sense survival tips for a more secure future.”  – Kirkus Reviews

"You've provided a wealth of information that will benefit people in many types of situations." -- L. Lippitt, New Hampshire

"All suggestions you outlined are well thought out and researched." --S. Thompson, Missouri

"I enjoyed reading your book and found it very eye-opening and helpful."--Tara, Create Space Editor

 "This is a great little book! This book only has 90 pages in it and I wondered if it would really have that much information   but went ahead and bought it (because I noticed it was written by someone that worked for the IRS and his wife worked for an insurance company). I'm glad I did! It has no fluff to fill the pages, just chock full of information on how to handle your retirement funds, health care information, alternative ideas, helpful, and simple to understand tax information. I am getting near retirement age and the whole idea of how things financially work is intimidating to me. This book explained things to where I understood and something I will reference back to in the future as well." -- By Junebug on March 8, 2015 on Amazon

 "This is, by far, the best retirement book I've read. From cover to cover, this retired IRS guy (retired in his early 50s) has multiple nuggets of wisdom for retirement that apply to people of all incomes/wealth levels. Glad I spent the few bucks!" -- By Fritz Edmunds Jr. on March 7, 2015 on Amazon